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Visualize and Communicate

Showing key features in industrial scale models is often necessary for better display. We are in a unique position to provide models with many different processes using our CNC router, 3d printer, injection molding machine and vacuum former. Static, animated and interactive models can range from highly detailed, realistic replicas to quite simple representations. 

Scaled down or even up industrial scale models are often made for trade shows, exhibitions or as a display in a reception area. We have the knowledge and understanding of industrial design to replicate existing parts or show processes in a scale that best suits the projects intended impact

  • interactive models

  • trade show models

  • moving light display

  • industrial scale models

Take a look at a few of our past projects to get ideas for your model. Reduce weight and bulk all while projecting a lasting impact of your product.  





Draw new customers in with an interactive industrial scale model at your next tradeshow. Displaying even the simplest of features in a fun way can entice the crowd and help you stand out from the competition.

seeing is


In order to convey a new product or concept in a way that everyone understands, you need a model that can be seen, possibly touched or held, even heard. With the use of clear acrylics you can see inside models for a cut away view of the functionality often hidden from sight.

the right path

for you

With our abilities using wood , plastics, composites and metals we can create the model that best suits your needs. Many models use a combination of materials and processes. We will maximize the impact your industrial scale model has on everyone.

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