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Brainstorm and Communicate

Using the unique characteristics and proprietary features of a new product, we create hand sketches and colored renderings to convey the idea to all the members of our team.  From an inventor's napkin sketches, or verbally communicated information, we often go for the "look and feel" first off.   Our goal is to make a product appeal to the intended user which lays the groundwork for it's success.  The secret is to create a visually appealing sketch of the idea or product to quickly gain interest of potential buyers, or investors.  Although the product does not exist in a physical sense at this stage of the development process, it can be communicated and then realized in the virtual world.

  • Artist sketches

  • Full color renderings

  • Recognition of key features

  • Notes of critical dimensions

  • Visually recognizable so you can quickly say, "I see it!" 

This piece of the product development puzzle can often be one of the most satisfying because it is often the first "fit".  When a vision can be shared it gains the potential for success and can solve a real world problem or make other processes more efficient.

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your ideas 

We will work with you one on one to innovate your concept and get your ideas on paper. Louis Bassler has the skills to interpret the performance goals and design limitations to solve difficult design problems. Communicating  your concept will have a higher understanding once it has been put on paper.

Master with

a pencil

 The art of ideation sketches is something that Lou does as he is eating lunch, watching the news or while on the go. Sketching and drawing are second nature, often while holding a conversation you will find him moving a pencil, getting ideas down on paper.

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