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Visualize and Communicate

From traditional architectural scale models to topographical models and 3d printed models in all scales and sizes for promotions, marketing, exhibits, and sales aids. Models can be made using a variety of materials and processes fabricated with different levels of detail to meet any customer's needs. 

Take a walk around your entire architectural scale models to better visualize and communicate your projects impact.

  • landscape planning models

  • architectural house models

  • site development models

  • interior scale model

  • scale models of buildings

3d printed models are the most timely and can be in your hands in a matter of hours with the use of our in house fortus 400 fdm printer.



bring your

ideas to life

We always strive for the highest satisfaction from our customers. being builders of architectural scale models for over 45 years we have had the opportunity to work for and alongside customers who appreciate our passion for creating quality scale models. 

the right tools

for the job

When creating architectural scale models in today's world there are numerous approaches. We combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology for a precise and captivating model. 3d printed models are the newest tool in our creative arsenal.

Masters of craftsmanship

Staying up to date with today's techniques while looking forward to tomorrow's keeps our abilities fine tuned.

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