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Stylize, Design & Engineer

Where we once made a part possibly hundreds of times before getting it right, we now use  Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs for engineering and design.  SolidWorks is a program that maximizes our productivity on every project.  With the combined knowledge of our teams experience using SolidWorks there is no flaw, imperfection or hurdle we cannot overcome. With this complete 3D software tool we can:

  • Render 3D solids

  • Share full color renderings

  • Recognize key features

  • Provide dimensional perfection

  • Run simulations 

  • Create the part using 3d printing processes or subtractive manufacturing

Throughout the process of design we are able to share ideas, show potential weaknesses and work through unseen failures before creating the concept in the real world.  Once 3d solid model files are created the doors to create the object have been opened wide. 


With Bassler/WPW you have the tools needed to let you conceptualize, create, validate, communicate, manage, and transform your innovative ideas into great product designs.

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Bringing with us a love for style in all things we see and use on a day to day basis we recognize the importance of stylizing.  Using the right curves or sharp edges  you can dramatically change a piece to get the look that evokes the feeling you would like to create.  Working closely with you during this process we will provide exactly what you are looking for. 



Keeping an eye on the intended outcome during the process of design will produce the best results of a specific part.  Design is an art as much as a technical part of a streamlined finished product.  We are here to meet your goals with faster and lower cost product solutions that are functional while meeting your demands from concept to final assembly.



With the use of simulations and analysis we can help pinpoint engineering pitfalls and provide solutions along the path of creation.  Working closely with our network of or your engineers we will keep the path moving forward. The right tool for the job equals the best outcome.  With the use of SolidWorks we can provide you with just that, the best outcome possible.

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